Geotherm USA - Clients Canada

Ontario Hydro HydroQuebec B.C. Hydro PowerTech Labs
Edmonton Power  
New Brunswick Power  
Norsk Hydro  
ASL Environmental Sciences
Water Works Dept. City of Calgary  
Atomic Energy Canada Ltd.  
Alcatel Canada Wire & Cables  
Geological Survey of Canada 
CANMET Dept. of Supply & Services Canada  
University of Calgary Dept. of National Defense
MIG Engineering Ltd. Chinook Phi-Beta Cominco Engineering Ltd. Carleton University
University of Waterloo McGill University Husky Oil Nixon Vicarb
Trow Consulting Engineers Warnock Hersey Consultants SIAL International Thompson Research Ltd.
Georoch Ltd. N.R.G. Consultants Ltd Ground Loop Systems Group Eight Engineers
M.V. Mark, Inc Comstock Canada Constructors Hitachi Cables, Ltd Pirelli Cable Corp
National Research Council Canada Energy Mines & Resources Canada